Military Leadership Diversity Commission Decision Paper #5: Defining Diversity   [open pdf - 725KB]

"Many organizations in the United States assert a commitment to diversity, but 'diversity' means different things to different people. For some, diversity means differences with respect to an individual's race, ethnicity, and sometimes gender. In this view, individuals from groups who were traditionally excluded from the work place are 'diverse,' and the challenge is to treat them equally and fairly. For others, diversity encompasses both demographic and work-related differences, including occupational specialty, organizational membership, and length of service. In this view, the workgroup is 'diverse,' and the challenge is to leverage its differences to build capability. This decision paper puts forth the Commission's recommendations for defining and using the term 'diversity' and presents the supporting logic and empirical evidence on which the recommendations are based. The recommended definition of diversity informs all Commission policy recommendations on enhancing the demographic and other diversity of military leadership presented to the Department of Defense (DoD) and military branches."

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Military Leadership Diversity Commission Decision Paper No. 5
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Department of Defense Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity: http://diversity.defense.gov/
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