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The mission of the Defense Threat Reduction University (DTRU) Journal is "to provide a peer-reviewed forum for scientific research and analysis, which fosters an overarching understanding for the present and emerging threat, provides visibility for innovative approaches to threat reduction, and offer professional discussions of topics relating to weapons of mass destruction (WMD), with particular attention to matters relating to nuclear and radiological weapons." This issue features several articles, including: "Pandemics of the Past: A Learning Opportunity"; "Application of Photogrammetry to Crater Measurement for Shallow Buried, Surface, and Small Height of Burst Explosions"; "Evaluation of Shelter-in-Place (SIP) Initiation Strategies for a Release of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear (CBRN) Agent or Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)"; "Irradiation of Neptunium-237 and Americium-241 in the Advanced Test Reactor for the Purpose of Plutonium-238 Production"; "An Exploratory Social Network Analysis of Military and Civilian Emergency Operations with a Focus on Organizational Structure"; and "Relationship of Joint Doctrine, Strategy, and Policy".

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Defense Threat Reduction University Journal (February 2010), v.1 no.1
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