State Department and Related Agencies: FY2003 Appropriations [April 12, 2002]   [open pdf - 49KB]

"On February 4, 2002 the Bush Administration sent its FY2003 budget request to Congress. The State Department request totaled about $7.6 billion, while the international broadcasting request totaled $491 million. Secretary of State Colin Powell testified before various House and Senate Committees in February and March, 2002 stating that last year's priorities of increased security, increased hiring, and improved technology at State remain the same for the next fiscal year budget. In late March, the Administration requested an additional $322.1 million for State and $7.4 million for international broadcasting within a supplemental request. The resulting total FY2003 request for the Department of State and international broadcasting amounts to more than $8.4 billion, 6.9 % greater than the FY2002 total enacted funding of $7.9 billion (including the post 9/11 emergency supplemental). One concern regarding the supplemental has to do with the Bush request for $100 million for the Department of Defense (DoD) to 'support foreign nations in furtherance of the global war on terrorism' and $30 million for DoD to support indigenous forces engaged in activities in furtherance of United States national security aims.' Some are concerned that these funds would give DoD authority to conduct foreign policy without getting prior authority from Congress or conferring with the Department of State."

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