Medical Countermeasures Initiative Strategic Plan 2012 ‐ 2016   [open pdf - 632KB]

"This document sets forth the strategic goals and key objectives that FDA [Food and Drug Administration] will pursue through 2016 to build and sustain the programs needed to achieve the MCMi [Medical Countermeasures Initiative] mission. FDA's MCMi strategic goals include: 1) Goal 1: Develop and maintain the highly qualified workforce with appropriate technical training, scientific skill, and subject‐matter expertise, and improve infrastructure at FDA (e.g., information technology, laboratory equipment) so that the MCMi workforce has the tools required to succeed 2) Goal 2: Build and sustain the integrated, coordinated programs necessary to ensure that the MCMi reflects medical countermeasure priorities and objectives and that MCMi programs are sufficiently resourced and aligned to fulfill MCMi program initiatives 3) Goal 3: Engage MCMi stakeholders to foster effective collaboration, solicit input and feedback, improve program implementation, and maximize the transparency of programs and priorities 4) Goal 4: Integrate MCMi programs to foster effective preparedness, planning, and response capabilities 5) Goal 5: Establish and support Public Health and Security Action Teams to support development of high‐priority candidate medical countermeasure products, product classes, and critical medical countermeasure technologies 6) Goal 6: Establish and sustain a medical countermeasures regulatory science program to develop solutions to complex regulatory challenges and facilitate the incorporation of new, cutting edge science into the regulatory review process to speed product development 7) Goal 7: Modernize the legal, regulatory, and policy environment to adequately support preparedness for and response to CBRN [Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear] and EID [Emerging Infectious Diseases] threats with medical countermeasures."

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