Teaching Intelligence Studies at Colleges and Universities   [open pdf - 625KB]

"The teaching of intelligence at growing numbers of our colleges and universities--the teaching of its place, structure and practice in our democracy--offers the welcome prospect that growing numbers of young Americans will become attracted to the field. It offers the prospect that, increasingly, the very best of the coming generation's talents and capabilities will participate in the contributions of intelligence to the survival, security and well-being of the Nation. Indeed--if you will bear with a parochial aside--that once in the field, we will have occasion to welcome them to their professional, graduate studies at this college. Today's program, and the conference papers available to you as contributions to the program, will give us a look at where the teaching of intelligence is today and where it is tending in the future. The product from today's presentations and discussions, the proceedings flowing from this work, should increase our understanding of how better to nurture this phenomenon so as to bring the very finest young American men and women into the intelligence ranks--national, theater and tactical--in the years ahead."

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Conference on Teaching Intelligence Studies at Colleges and Universities. Defense Intelligence Analysis Center, Washington, D.C. June 18, 1999
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