Protecting Military Personnel and the Public from the Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation from Military Communications and Radar Systems   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the thesis abstract: "This study has as its objective the improvement of the protection provided by the military services to military personnel and members of the general public from the hazards of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of military communications and radar systems. The focus of the investigation is on the area of the electromagnetic spectrum from 30 Hz to 300 Gegahertz. As part of the investigation, the nature of EMR with respect to its interaction with biological matter is reviewed, and the extent of the hazard created by EMR at various frequencies is examined. The extent of military involvement with systems that emit EMR and with research into the hazards of EMR is detailed. An analysis of the military services protective measures, both physical and administrative, is made. Investigation reveals that there are several areas in which the individual services could improve their protective measures by adopting measures in use in other services."

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