Annual Report to the President and the Congress [1997]   [open pdf - 44MB]

"The world today is one that is constantly evolving with new security challenges. The threat of a nuclear holocaust has been greatly diminished, but the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction threatens our interests, our forces, and even our homeland. Hostile regimes, instability, and ethnic tensions threaten American interests in key regions. Terrorism, international organized crime, and drug trafficking remain threats to our national interests and to peace and stability. Finally, as recent history clearly reminds us, new dangers can arise suddenly and unpredictably. Even as our security picture evolves, the world is undergoing unprecedented economic, political, and technological change - at a pace that is sometimes breathtaking. These changes are binding our destiny ever more closely to that of our allies and economic partners around the world. This works to our advantage as we seek to promote free markets and principles of democracy, but it also increases the degree to which we are affected by developments overseas. We should not - and cannot-insulate ourselves from the forces that are sweeping the globe. The Department of Defense is committed to pursuing national security policies designed not merely to react to the changing environment, but also to shape the environment in ways that are favorable to our interests- to shift our focus from dealing with the end of one era toward shaping the next one."

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