Pakistan: U.S. Foreign Aid Conditions, Restrictions, and Reporting Requirements [June 1, 2012]   [open pdf - 287KB]

"The 112th Congress continues to debate levels of U.S. assistance to Pakistan in light of signs that Pakistan may not be a fully willing and effective U.S. partner, and that official Pakistani elements continue to support Afghan insurgent forces. During a period of economic and budget crises in the United States, Obama Administration officials and some senior Members of Congress have voiced concerns about the efficacy of continuing the flow of billions of U.S. aid dollars into Pakistan, with some in Congress urging more stringent conditions on, or even curtailment of, such aid. At issue is whether Pakistan's civilian government and security services are using the aid as intended domestically while actively supporting U.S. efforts to stabilize Afghanistan and combat regional insurgent and terrorist elements. Existing aid restrictions and the certification process required for greater accountability on the part of Pakistan are thus under scrutiny. […] This report provides a comprehensive list of existing laws and pending legislation containing conditions, limitations, and reporting requirements for U.S. foreign assistance to Pakistan. It will track the debate on this topic and resulting changes. For broader discussion of U.S.-Pakistan relations, see CRS Report R41832, 'Pakistan-U.S. Relations', by K. Alan Kronstadt. See also CRS Report R41856, 'Pakistan: U.S. Foreign Assistance', by Susan B. Epstein and K. Alan Kronstadt. Both are updated regularly."

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