Information Operations - A New Tool for Peacekeeping   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the thesis abstract: "This monograph discusses the application of information operations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of peace missions ranging from peacekeeping to peace imposition. Using a variety of models and an examination of the components of information operations this monograph demonstrates the applicability of these operations to peace missions. Examples from recent history provide a backdrop for evaluating previous applications and investigating other potential uses of information operations to support peace missions. […] The monograph first examines the status of international relations as a result of the demise of the Soviet Union and the rise of information technology. The impact of these two earthshaking events have forever changed the face the world. As the nations of the world seek a new geometry of relationships without the Soviet Union the level of violence continues to rise. Without the unifying ideologies of the Cold War, many nations are seeking identity through ethnicity. This factor in conjunction with a freedom to act completely in promotion of national interests without the specter of a global nuclear war has led to a very unstable world. […] Information operations allow cost effective solutions to violence by reducing the resources required to keep the peace. Peace missions can use information operations to reduce forces necessary to make peace, bypass belligerent leaders to inform populations about alternatives to violent solutions, and control the ability of belligerents to continue conflict. The maturation of the information age provides an opportunity to establish a 'Pax Informationus' and retain sufficient national resources to address domestic problems."

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