Department of Homeland Security Office of the CIO: E-Government Act Report 2008   [open pdf - 489KB]

"E-Government was created to share information reliably, rapidly, and securely through three primary presidential initiatives: Government to Government, Government to Business, and Government to Citizen, in line with the President's goal of utilizing technology. Government to Government allows for collaboration between all levels and facets of government, which leads to both state and local governments providing effective citizen services. The Government to Business presidential initiative's goal is to help business interact efficiently and effectively with the Federal Government. The Government to Business E-Government services were set-up in the form of one-stop portals to provide comprehensive Government-wide information related to business-oriented topics. The Government to Citizen E-Government benefit is more than just posting forms online, but rather provides one-stop, online information and services delivered directly to U.S. citizens. [...] Overall, DHS participates in 22 separate initiatives associated with the E-Government mission and objectives. DHS collaborates with outside government agencies [...] to expand the scope and reach of E-Government and increase its visibility among all federal agencies. With several federal agencies buying into the President's stated mantra of teamwork, DHS' E-Government focus shifts to U.S. citizens, rather than individual agency needs. Inter-agency best practices are realized during collaboration between inter-agency team members, significantly improving the government's quality of customer service for both citizens and businesses, creating stakeholder unity across the Federal Government as a whole."

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