Northern Border Strategy [June 2012]   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The U.S.-Canada border is the longest common border in the world, and it joins two nations that enjoy one of the world's strongest relationships. With communities and businesses that reach both sides of the border, the economies and security of the United States and Canada are inextricably linked. DHS is focused on securing the U.S. northern border while expediting the flow of lawful travel, trade, and immigration. Cross-border communities contain significant populations that commute across the border every day and whose water or electrical power comes from the other country. Recognizing the cross-border nature of infrastructure and commerce is critical to DHS's ability to effectively manage the northern border. This 2012 'DHS Northern Border Strategy' (NBS) takes a Department-wide look at the northern border, considering all of DHS's authorities, responsibilities, and capabilities in developing a cross-cutting all-missions approach. The Department's three goals for the Northern Border are: 1. Deter and Prevent Terrorism, Smuggling, Trafficking, and Illegal Immigration; 2. Safeguard and Encourage the Efficient Flow of Lawful Trade and Travel; 3. Ensure Community Safety and Resiliency Before, During, and After Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters. To achieve these Goals, DHS will utilize five key means and methods: A. Partnerships; B. Information, Intelligence, Interdictions, and Investigations; C. Technology; D. Infrastructure; E. Personnel."

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