AFRICOM and Australian Military Engagement in Africa   [open pdf - 367KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The Australian military has a proud history of engagement in Africa in support of Commonwealth and national interests as well as a history of peacekeeping in support of humanitarian assistance. With Australia's attention diverted to the Middle East there have been missed opportunities for military engagement within Africa. The announcement of the creation of a Geographic Component Command (GCC) for the continent of Africa (Africa Command, ARFICOM) demonstrates the increasing importance of Africa to the United States. The Global War on Terror, indigenous capacity building and the threat of failed states are some of the reasons for this increased focus and attention. Australia increasingly recognises the importance of a stable and secure Africa in the larger context of global stability and security. The Australian military may be able to use the creation of AFRICOM to improve military engagement with African nations. Australia and the United States, as coalition partners, could work together in Africa to achieve mutual interests as well as serving as a means of fostering greater civil and military cooperation between the two nations and the African nations."

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