Drug Trafficking in Haiti   [open pdf - 172KB]

From the thesis abstract: "This thesis examines Haiti's role in international drug trafficking, how it impacts Haiti's political and economic development, and how Haiti and the United States are combating the drug trade. The thesis argues that Haiti's geographic location, political culture, illegal immigrants, entrepreneurial class and weak institutions have made it a major transshipment point for drugs to the United States from South America. Haiti's weak democratic institutions, dysfunctional judicial system and fledgling police force present South American drug traffickers with a path of little resistance. Drug trafficking has contributed to violence, corruption, political instability, poor economic development and lack of democratic consolidation in Haiti today. Finally, the thesis examines Haiti and the United States' efforts to combat drug trafficking in Haiti. Although Haiti has made steps to adhere to the measures the UN drug convention set forth, Haiti's counternarcotics initiatives have suffered due to a long political crisis between the executive and legislative and economic instability. Despite the lack of a bilateral counternarcotics agreement between the U. S. and Haiti, the two countries cooperate and the DEA [Drug Enforcement Agency] maintain a permanent staff of seven agents in Port-au-Prince."

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