Buildings and Infrastructure Protection Series: Preventing Structures from Collapsing to Limit Damage to Adjacent Structures and Additional Loss of Life when Explosives Devices Impact Highly Populated Urban Centers   [open pdf - 27MB]

"This Technical Report describes Weidlinger Associates, Inc.'s Phase I effort to study the effects of Blast in Urban Environments under sponsorship of the Department of Homeland Security. This effort represents a wide ranging investigation into Urban Blast effects including (a) the influence of the presence of buildings on the blast pressures propagating from explosions located in urban settings, (b) the potential for these blast pressures to damage primary structural members of buildings, (c) the sensitivity of several common building design types to experience progressive collapse due to damage of key support members, and (d) the likelihood that blast pressures may damage building equipment needed for Emergency Evacuation, Rescue and Recovery operations. The results and insights from this broad based investigation were integrated within a fast running software program specifically focused on the Manhattan Financial District. This tool represents a 'proof of concept' demonstration of an approach for a quick running software tool for security planning and first responders' uses. This first phase effort lays the technical foundation and software framework for refining the approach in later phases and adapting the methodology for other critical urban centers in the United [Corrected] States."

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Buildings and Infrastructure Protection Series, BIPS 05/June 2011
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United States. Dept. of Homeland Security: http://www.dhs.gov/
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