To Fetch a Pail of Water: Can the U.S. Help the World Avert a Water Scarcity Tumble?   [open pdf - 67KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Quite a few Americans lie awake at night, worried about terrorism, wondering where al- Qaeda might next strike. And they reach for a glass of water on the nightstand, to relieve a dry throat brought on by uncertain fears. But if Osama is a real enough bogeyman, his terror pales in comparison to a scenario that few Americans contemplate: what, if in reaching for that glass of water, there was no water to be had? In going about their daily lives Americans think little about the water they drink, cook with, or use to water their lawns. The occasional story of drought in the West, of shriveled crops, of water rationing in the East make barely a dent on the national consciousness. Water seems a given, flowing from the tap, swirling down the drain. Here then a cold bucket of water to rouse Americans from their complacency: within a generation's time nearly half the world's people could face water scarcity and the U.S. government has no national strategy in place to deal with the readily identifiable causes of this potential crisis."

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