Tactical Nuclear Planning Considerations: Recent Perspectives   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the thesis abstract: "Approval to use nuclear weapons in some future war may require careful planning. One of the National Command Authority's concerns in the event of another war in Europe is collateral damage resulting from nuclear weapons use. The United States Army policy for the constrained use of nuclear weapons emphasizes this national concern. This study attempts to determine the planning factors which should be considered by a corps commander before he requests approval to make the initial use of nuclear weapons in Europe. The investigation is focused on an analysis of current United States and NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization] policies, doctrine, and procedures. Investigation reveals that peacetime planning for the use of tactical nuclear weapons should be done and that current procedures may require modification if adequate plans are to be prepared. Further examination discloses that peacetime plans based on national and NATO command authorities' policy guidance may provide the principal information from which to prepare a justification for the use of nuclear weapons."

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