United States Attorneys' Annual Statistical Report: Fiscal Year 1998   [open pdf - 4MB]

This annual report "summarizes the work and accomplishments of the United States Attorneys' offices during Fiscal Year 1998. The United States Attorneys, under the direction of the Attorney General, are responsible for investigating and prosecuting those who violate our nation's laws, and for asserting and defending the interests of the United States, its departments and agencies, through the conduct of civil litigation. The United States Attorneys, appointed to serve in the 94 federal judicial districts throughout the country, are charged with carrying out these prosecution and litigation responsibilities within their respective districts. Although there are 94 federal judicial districts, there are only 93 United States Attorneys because one United States Attorney is appointed to serve in both the Districts of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. The 93 United States Attorneys direct and supervise the work of the Assistant United States Attorneys and support personnel located in each district's headquarters office and, as needed, in staffed branch offices. The United States Attorney system nationwide consisted of 94 headquarters offices and 121 staffed branch offices at the end of Fiscal Year 1998. The United States Attorneys' offices conduct most of the criminal prosecutions and civil litigation handled by the Department of Justice. They serve as the critical prosecutorial arm of the Department of Justice, responsible for ensuring that the investigative efforts of the law enforcement agencies are pursued, and as the nation's legal advocates and defenders in civil suits brought by and against the government. The range of their responsibilities is staggering--from prosecuting those individuals who commit violent or terrorist acts, to prosecuting corporations or individuals who commit fraud, to defending the nation against exorbitant civil lawsuits."

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