United States Attorneys' Annual Statistical Report: Fiscal Year 2000   [open pdf - 3MB]

"The report is made up of narrative information explaining the United States Attorneys' programs and initiatives over the past year, summaries of some of the most interesting and important cases that culminated during Fiscal Year 2000, and statistical tables displaying both national and district caseload data. The report provides a concise, yet compelling, sample of the accomplishments of the United States Attorneys during Fiscal Year 2000. [...] The United States Attorneys' offices conduct most of the criminal prosecutions and civil litigation handled by the Department of Justice. The offices investigate and prosecute a wide range of criminal activities, from organized drug trafficking and firearms crimes, to environmental offenses, to health care frauds, to corruption by public officials. In the civil arena, the United States Attorneys' offices defend federal government agencies, for example, in tort suits brought by those who allege suffering as a result of government actions, or alleged medical malpractice by federal employees. The United States Attorneys also initiate civil cases against individuals or businesses to enforce the laws, such as in civil health care fraud cases, or to represent the government's interests, such as in bankruptcy actions."

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