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"The NN/LM [National Network of Libraries of Medicine] Earthquake Summit was designed to develop a greater understanding of earthquake risks, promote partnerships with emergency planners, explore potential roles for libraries and librarians before and after a disaster, and to share best practices." Key takeaways from the summit include: "1. NN/LM is active in facilitating partnerships among libraries and community emergency responders. […] 2. The most important actions to remember in responding to an earthquake are: DROP, COVER and HOLD ON! 3. The reason for not running outside of a building during an earthquake is that most injuries and fatalities associated with earthquakes are caused by parts of buildings falling off the outside. 4. The incidence of earthquakes is increasing due to human activity, or 'induced seismicity.' 5. 'Sudden onset' disasters have an enormous impact on the physical and mental/emotional health of survivors; a quick recovery should not be expected. 6. Disasters bring profound change and prolonged challenges. 7. The Disaster Information Management Research Center provides many free and downloadable tools to assist emergency responders and health care professionals. […] 8. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides structure and training for emergency/disaster preparedness response on the national level and through regional, state and county agencies, as well as assistance to individuals. […] 9. Public libraries prepare for disasters by developing Continuity of Operations Plans (COOPs). Their plans cover preparedness and response for staff, facilities, collections and patrons. Public libraries function as community centers, especially following a disaster, and must be prepared to maintain as many of their services and locations as possible."

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National Network of Libraries of Medicine Earthquake Summit. University of California, San Francisco. April 6, 2012
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