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"The Futures Working Group (FWG) is a collaboration between the FBI [Federal Bureau of Investigation] and the Society of Police Futurists International (PFI). Its purpose is to develop and encourage others to develop forecasts and strategies to ethically maximize the effectiveness of local, state, federal, and international law enforcement bodies as they strive to maintain peace and security in the 21st century. […] The FBI and PFI have long enjoyed a close relationship. PFI is an outgrowth of the International Symposium on the Future of Law Enforcement that was held at the FBI Academy in 1991. That Symposium was attended by 250 criminal justice practitioners and educators from twenty nations who voted to begin a professional association -- The Society of Police Futurists International -- dedicated to the future of policing. In 1999, the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI resumed teaching a futures research course to students at the FBI National Academy. At that time, FBI instructional personnel began an ongoing dialogue with PFI members. From that dialogue grew a collaborative relationship that capitalizes on the strengths of each organization. The tragedy of September 11th was the final catalyst for the formal creation of a Futures Working Group to assist law enforcement in dealing with the issues that will confront law enforcement in the coming decades."

Futures Working Group
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