Security Implications of Human-Trafficking Networks   [open pdf - 938KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Globalization has provided many people around the world with increased prospects where they had been severely restricted from enhancing their economic plight in the past. Unfortunately, organized crime groups have used these new opportunities for personal gain by trafficking other humans. Although human trafficking is not a new phenomenon, globalization has increased competition and has intensified the demand for cheaper goods and services worldwide. Consequently, in the modern era of globalization and with the possibility for increased profits, it seems likely that human trafficking will continue to grow as a part of human existence. The United States must recognize any connections between the operations of human-trafficking networks and terrorist groups and the potential implications these networks can have on the security of the nation. This study looks at the connections that exist between human-trafficking networks and terrorist organizations in Kosovo. An analysis of the connections between the trafficking networks and terrorist groups in this area attempts to bring to light the need for further research of the connections between these types of operations and highlights the need to maintain both national security and human security in the United States."

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