Tactics and Technology for 21st Century Military Superiority: Volume 2, Part 1, Supporting Materials   [open pdf - 32MB]

"This document provides the supporting material for Volume 1. It does not contain recommendations and findings, nor does it represent the consensus opinion of the Task Force. Volume 1 is a result of finding new ways to make rapidly deployable forces much more effective than they are today. The report indicates that substantial, possibly revolutionary, improvements in the effectiveness of rapidly deployable forces are feasible. The concepts in the report can be refined, tested and evolved into fielded capabilities over the next two decades. The essence of this new expeditionary force is an ability to mass fire than forces. It relies on an ensemble of remote weapons effective against all types of targets; an extensive suite of sensors, information processors and information warfare capabilities to provide situation understanding dominance; a ground force comprised of light agile combat cells that offer few targets for the enemy; a precision logistics capacity that provides the right stuff at the right place at the right time; and a robust information infrastructure that ties this distributed force together."

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