Social Media Handbook for Navy PAOs: CHINFO Emerging Media Integration (OI-5)   [open pdf - 25MB]

"Our challenge today is to be able to communicate to our audiences in a flat, 24-7 communication landscape where our audiences have as much capability (if not more) to communicate to a global audience as we do. To remain relevant to our audiences we must communicate with them in the channels and on the platforms where they get their information, mainstream and social media alike. Today we are expected to be able to communicate on behalf of our organizations in the near-real time environment of social media, and be responsive to the comments and feedback we receive from our audiences. If we fail these expectations our audiences will simply get their information elsewhere. To effectively use these tools requires that we all assess and address our own comfort level and command of these technologies. The rate of change is only increasing and thus it is necessary for all Navy communicators to become at once students and leaders. Our Navy is relying on us to ensure as an organization we are using these tools effectively and responsibly. As the Navy's communications experts, we are rightly expected to lead our commands and Sailors in this area. This handbook aims to help you do so."

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