Human Radiation Studies: Remembering the Early Years, Oral History of Hematologist Karl F. Hubner, M.D.   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Office of Scientific and Technical Information abstract: "This report is a transcript of an interview of Dr. Karl F. Hubner by representatives of the US DOE [Department of Energy] Human Radiation Experiments. Dr. Hubner was selected for this interview because of his participation in the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies(ORINS)/Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) Medical Division cancer therapy research program involving total body irradiation. After a short biographical sketch Dr. Hubner discusses his research in Bone Marrow Transplants, his participation in the development of Nuclear Medicine in Oak Ridge, use of the total body irradiation machine at the University of Tennessee School of Agriculture Animal Research Laboratory (later the Comparative Animal Research Laboratory or CARL) to deliver a high enough dose rate to destroy a patients immune system, the operation of a sterile environment for recovery of patients following bone- marrow transplantation, and the closing of the ORAU Medical Division`s Clinical Program following a negative review."

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Department of Energy, DOE/EH-0470
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