'Eyes of the Army': U.S. Army Roadmap for Unmanned Systems, 2010-2035   [open pdf - 9MB]

"The purpose of 'The US Army UAS [Unmanned Aircraft Systems] Roadmap (2010-2035)' is to provide a broad vision for how the Army will develop, organize, and employ UAS across the full spectrum of operations. The major ideas that emerge will provide a common foundation for continued learning and analysis. We will evaluate ideas and challenge assumptions to develop a full range of UAS capabilities. The roadmap will inform warfighting functional concepts, contribute to capabilities-based assessments, and assist in the development of resource informed decisions on new technologies that will be evaluated through comprehensive experimentation and testing. Ultimately, our roadmap will frame an answer to the question, 'What UAS capabilities do we need for the Army in the future?' […] The road map provides the basis for an evolutionary approach to developing and integrating UAS capabilities into our formations. The road map is divided into three time periods: near (2010-2015), mid (2016-2025), and far (2026-2035). The near-term focus addresses gaps in today's UAS capabilities while emphasizing the rapid integration of existing technologies to meet current demands of t he Warfighter on the ground. The mid-term focus is on integrating additional multipurpose UAS into all aspects of Army operations ranging from 'Network' support to 'Cargo' capable. The more distant future is focused on increasing capability while reducing size, power, and weight requirements. We will review the roadmap every 2 years to remain relevant wit h operational needs, lessons learned, and emerging technology."

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