Unmanned Effects (UFX): Taking the Human out of the Loop   [open pdf - 702KB]

"The purpose of Project Alpha is to discover, explore, and accelerate good ideas across the Department of Defense (DOD). The good ideas are selected and vetted for their potential to assist in the USJFCOM [United States Joint Forces Command]-charted mission to experiment with transformation of the future joint force. Unmanned Effects is one of those candidate ideas. The purpose of this Rapid Assessment Process (RAP) report is to document the advances in robotics and urge early adoption of robotic concepts. This report discusses the feasibility of employing autonomous robotic forces (called Tactical Autonomous Combatants or TACs in this paper) for a variety of military applications. In the following pages you will read about three imperatives for transforming to a future joint force that is significantly robotic. You will also read about technological advances that can change the fundamental way wars are fought. We believe it is not so much a question of if this transformation will happen, but one of when, by whom and how efficiently. Project Alpha team members believe that the introduction of unmanned entities into the battlespace promises to have a greater impact on future conflict than any other technological innovation to date. Our research has convinced us that unmanned entities will provide significant new capabilities to the forces, and that the capabilities will be available sooner, rather than later -- if decisions are made to pursue the robotic course."

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Rapid Assessment Process (RAP) Report No. 03 - 10
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