Building a Basis for Information Warfare Rules of Engagement   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The U.S. armed forces face a global information threat which could launch an attack without warning. This surprise attack could damage the U.S. armed forces ability to mobilize, deploy and control forces worldwide. The attack will use the global information infrastructure to target the information based processes the U.S. armed forces utilize to dominate the entire spectrum of conflict. To protect information based processes, U.S. armed forces joint operational planners are building plans to defeat and possibly attack information based threats. This monograph discusses how the U.S. armed forces should regulate the defensive and offensive responses to information attack with Rules of Engagement. After defining several terms, this monograph illustrates the gravity of the threat the U.S. armed forces face in the information spectrum. The proliferation of computers and networking is creating a huge underclass of IW warriors bent on destroying, manipulating, and stealing information. While past IW threats were curious 'hackers,' the modem IW [Information Warfare] environment is encompassed by over 18 countries currently pursing active IW attack and defense programs. Dealing with a threat requires operational planners recognize that information is rapidly becoming the center of gravity for military operations. This monograph proposes IW planners build IW ROE [Information Warfare Rules of Engagement] that extends maximum protection to information by protecting key information systems and infrastructure. Additionally, IW ROE should also allow the U.S. armed forces to autonomously implement retaliatory or pre-emptive self defensive actions to counter any information based threat."

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