Presentations at the Homeland Security Education Summit, February 24-25, 2010   [open pdf - 56KB]

The 4th Annual Homeland Defense and Security Education Summit was held on February 24 and 25, 2010 in Washington D.C. Presenters at the conference include: Jane Holl Lute, Randall Larsen, Andy Mitchell, Glen Woodbury, Gary Shiffman, Michael Chertoff, Joe Catalino, Barbara Yagerman, Jim Ramsay, Christopher Holbrook, R.E. Burnett, Cristina Ramirez, Gail Rioux, Michael Chumer, David Mendonca, Robert McCreight, Jane Kushma, Mark Landahl, Ellen Cannon, Arnold Herskovic, Paula Gordon, John Collins, Stan Supinski, Paul Stockton, William A. Navas, George Tanner, Gail Palmisano, Gregory Moore, Wendy Walsh, Susan Hocevar, Ross Bryant, Tina Markowski, Anna Doro-on, George Kolisnek, Angela Gendron, Steve Hart, Ivan Luke, R.B. Watts, Michael McCoy, Peter Forester, Jeremy Plant, Andy Cain, Shawn Peppers, Katherine H. Pherson, Al Lawewnce, Jame Savitt, Don Zoufal, John Contestible, Joseph Ryan, and Richard Clarke. "The academic discipline of homeland security and defense continues to grow and mature. In light of the advances we are experiencing, and with the first post-9/11 administration one year in office, our focus is on validating homeland security and defense education. We will discuss the most pertinent issues relevant to security professionals, address the 'return on investment' in homeland security/defense education, and identify current and relevant applied research areas."

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4th Annual Homeland Defense and Security Education Summit. Washington, D.C. February 24-25, 2010
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