Leaders' Guide for Contingency Operations: The Human Dimension   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This guide provides Army leaders with lessons learned that are vital to their success in contingency operations. Leaders can increase their effectiveness by addressing the issues discussed in this guide and implementing the relevant recommendations. The 13 issues presented here emerged repeatedly as problem areas in several contingency operations. They are 'people' issues (as opposed to tactical, technical, or strategic ones) and arise from the demands of contingency operations. The issues are based on feedback from soldiers and leaders who have participated in recent contingency operations. They reflect perceptions of experiences both prior to and during deployments. They also reflect areas that were successful as well as those that needed improvement. Two overarching themes underlie the leadership lessons learned presented in this guide. The first theme is the need to anticipate and adapt to change. Changes often occur due to differences: (a) from garrison to the operation, (b) across different operations, and (c) at different points during the same operation. Leaders need to recognize that these changes will occur, understand the reasons for the changes, and help soldiers to adapt to the changes. The second theme involves communication between leaders and soldiers. There is a clear need for more and better communication during contingency operations. Frequently the challenge is simply recognizing: (a) what message needs to be communicated, (b) who needs to hear it, (c) when they should hear it, and (d) the appropriate mode of communicating it."

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