Army IPB in Support of Nation Building Operations   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract: "In order to effectively answer the question of Army IPB [Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace] in support of Nation Building planning and operations it is necessary to undertake a series of analytical reviews. The first review must focus on the definition of the term Nation Building. It is not found in any Joint Publications or Army Manuals despite the rampant use of the term in military and media circles. Once a definition is settled on the attention must then turn to the inevitability of Nation Building Operations. The inevitability is effectively the driving purpose behind the need for this study. Once complete, both Army and Joint Doctrine must be analyzed. The focus of this analysis is on establishing common definitions for Stability and Support Operations according to both Joint Publications and Army Manuals, followed by a review of the Joint and Army IPB Process doctrine. The emphasis of the doctrinal review is to determine how the current IPB Process addresses those tasks necessary to provide an informative portrayal of the contemporary operating environment in support of Nation Building. Subsequent to the doctrinal review it is necessary to analyze multiple operations the US Army has been involved in so that lessons learned could be inferred that will potentially improve the current Army IPB Process. The end state of this step is the development of a product that addresses the lessons learned in the framework of the four steps of the Army IPB Process. The final analytical step is to then combine the two reviews into one composite product that will advance the current state of Army IPB Process Doctrine so that it is more relevant to ongoing and future operations."

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