War on Drugs -- Can an Operational Artist Help Win It?   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the thesis abstract: "The purpose of this paper is to examine the current drug war and to determine if an operational artist's approach to planning and problem solving is applicable for the United States in its war against drugs. This paper is significant because the military's role in the drug war, while limited and sporadic in the past, is increasing, and if civilian agencies currently fighting the lion's share of the war continue to lose ground, then the military can expect to see its involvement significantly expanded. The following methodology was used to examine the drug war and to make a determination concerning the applicability of an operational artist's methods. First, a current estimate of the drug war is presented. Its purpose is to identify the drug war's major participants; present their goals, objectives, and strategies; identify their bases, lines of operation and current use of available means and methods of operation; and discuss possible strengths and weaknesses. Second, the central concepts of operational art are identified and discussed and a determination is made concerning their applicability. The concepts examined are; operational art itself, centers of gravity, the relationship between ends, ways, means, and strategy, campaign planning, branches and sequels, culminating points, and operational maneuver. In addition operational guidance for the design and conduct of an operational artist's campaign plan for the drug war is presented. This study concludes that the central concepts of operational art and an operational artist's planning methods are applicable and can help the U.S. turn the tide in its war on drugs."

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