USAWC Supporting Operational National Guard's Dual-Role: Reconsidering Reserve Component Categories   [open pdf - 680KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The 2008 final report of the Commission on the National Guard and Reserves (CNGR) provided 95 specific recommendations to the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and Congress to formally transform the National Guard (NG) into a 21st Century operational reserve force. The SECDEF supported action or further action on all but 13 of the recommendations. However, no action was directed on the recommendation to reorganize current reserve component (RC) categories. This SRP [Strategy Research Project] will analyze this policy recommendation and argue for its validity for establishing a new strategy that will provide a sustainable, ready, and reliable operational NG capable of meeting all of its constitutionally-rooted, dual-role requirements in an era of persistent conflict. It concludes with recommendations to structure the operational NG to facilitate a Continuum of Service (COS) and reduce current dependence on recurring involuntary mobilizations. This restructured NG will be able to maintain its long-term viability as an all-volunteer reserve force while providing strategic depth and increasing readiness in support of national security."

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