Strategy and the Strategic Way of Thinking   [open pdf - 218KB]

"Strategy is often portrayed as the interaction of ends, ways, and means, which is a useful formulation. In essence, strategy describes the 'way' in which the available 'means' will be employed to achieve the 'ends' of policy. The word 'strategy' is used in a variety of contexts. There are business strategies, coaching strategies, financial strategies, and research strategies. Over the past few decades, the concept of strategy increasingly has been applied to organizations. An organization develops a strategy based on its mission or goal, a vision of the future, an understanding of the organization's place in that future, and an assessment of the alternatives available to it, given scarce resources. Yet the central application of the concept of strategy continues to be defense planning. History makes it clear that the development of a coherent strategy is absolutely essential to national security in times of both war and peace. In the absence of a coherent strategy, nonstrategic factors, such as bureaucratic and organizational imperatives, will fill the void to the detriment of national security."

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Naval War College Review (Autumn 2007), v.60 no.4, p.111-124
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