Update on the Other Gas Crisis: Chemical Weapons   [open pdf - 883KB]

Note: This document was written in 1980. Taken from Defense Technical Information Center's abstract: "Recent events thus indicate that, at least in the chemical weapons area, we can no longer afford business as usual. The old arguments which brought the United States to its present deplorable plight as regards its inability to deter chemical warfare now seem to have been fully discredited. The Soviets have not matched US restraint with chemical weapons. They have not agreed to those verification measures essential for an effective chemical weapons disarmament agreement. They apparently` do not appreciate repeated insistences by optimistic Westerners that their huge chemical stockpile does not have nay military utility. They have again shown their disdain for, and lack of sensitivity to, world opinion. They have given no evidence that they are seriously disturbed by accusations of "international outlawry." They have engaged in activities that appear to violate an existing arms control agreement as well as international law, and they have then lied about it. Thus, the often-asked question of whether they would adhere to international law and honor international agreements in time of war seems to have been answered in the negative once again."

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U.S. Army War College, Parameters (1980), v.10 no.4, p.27-35
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