Multi-hazard Loss Estimation Methodology: Hurricane Model, Hazus-MH 2.1: User Manual   [open pdf - 12MB]

"The Hurricane Model allows practitioners to estimate of the economic and social losses from hurricane winds. The information provided by the model will assist state and local officials in evaluating, planning for, and mitigating the effects of hurricane winds. The Hurricane Model provides practitioners and policy makers with a tool to help reduce wind damage, reduce disaster payments, and make wise use of the nation's emergency management resources. The Hurricane Model is the first component of a planned Hazus Wind Model. When fully implemented, the Wind Model will address the wind hazard and effects associated with hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, extratropical storms, and hail. The need for Hazus to treat the different meteorological phenomena is indicated in Figure 1-2, where it is seen that different regions of the United States are affected by different types of windstorms. In many regions of the country, damaging winds are produced by more than one meteorological phenomenon."

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