2012 Army Posture: The Nation's Force of Decisive Action   [open pdf - 4MB]

"As President Barack Obama stated in introducing his new national defense priorities, the country is at a turning point after a decade of war and considerable increases in defense spending. Even as large-scale military campaigns recede, the Nation will still face a growing array of security challenges. These new priorities focus on the continuing threat of violent extremism, the proliferation of lethal weapons and materials, the destabilizing behavior of Iran and North Korea, the rise of new powers across Asia and an era of uncertainty in the Middle East. On top of that, our Nation confronts a serious deficit and debt problem (in itself a national security risk) that will squeeze future Army budgets. However, declining defense budgets do not nullify our obligation to provide enough capacity and maintain a highly ready force that is sufficiently modernized to provide a leaner, adaptive, flexible and integrated force that offers the President a significant number of options along the spectrum of conflict. Today the U.S. Army is the best-trained, best-equipped and best-led combat-tested force in the world. Today's Soldiers have achieved a level of professionalism, combat experience and civil and military expertise that is an invaluable national asset. Our warriors have accomplished every assigned task they have been given. But all we have accomplished in building this magnificent force can be squandered if we are not careful. We are an Army in transition, and we look to Congress to assist us in the difficult work to build the Army of 2020."

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