Is Political Extremism Within the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Germany a Threat That Can Be Managed?   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract: "In the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Germany both identified and unidentified members of extremist political parties perform their service. Most of them are draftees who join the armed forces in the same percentage as political extremists are found in the overall German population. However, some political groupings send their members into the armed forces in order to corrupt their morale or to acquire specialized military knowledge. For that reason extremists also serve as temporary-career volunteers or regulars in the armed forces. Using authentic source material such as investigations conducted by the German military counterintelligence service, this study seeks to answer the following questions: 1) Has the number of political extremists serving in the federal armed forces increased over the last years? 2) Which movement is considered to be more dangerous--the leftwing extremists or the rightwing? What are the objectives of the different groupings? 3) What kind of legal rulings are available against the extremist soldiers? 4) Does the problem require any immediate countermeasures? Focused on the situation in the Federal Republic of Germany the paper could serve as a study subject for other armed forces."

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