Field Manual 5-0: Exercising Command and Control in an Era of Persistent Conflict   [open pdf - 482KB]

"Our Army, as part of a joint interdependent force, continues to engage in full spectrum operations around the world. Several global trends--such as failing and failed states, resource demands, and proliferations of weapons of mass destruction--make it likely that the next decades will be characterized by persistent conflict. Protracted confrontations among state, nonstate, and individual actors that are increasingly willing to use violence to achieve their political and ideological ends appear certain. Whether reacting to natural disasters or confronting armed enemies, Army forces will continue to conduct operations in complex, ever-changing, and uncertain operational environments. Operational experience and lessons, transformational changes, and recent revisions to Joint and Army doctrine now demand major revisions to Field Manual (FM) 5-0, The Operations Process. Of the many lessons learned from wartime experience since 2001, the need to improve our ability to exercise the 'thinking' aspects of command and control stands out.2 The 2010 edition of FM 5-0 represents a significant evolution in Army doctrine focusing on the cognitive aspects of command and control."

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MIlitary Review (March-April 2010), p.13-19
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