Systems Approach to Designing a Maritime Phase Zero Force for the Year 2020   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This report details the construct of a maritime force designed solely for the accomplishment of Phase Zero missions. Accomplishment of Phase Zero missions will increase a region's stability thus decreasing the spread of radical ideologies that could spawn large scale terrorist attacks and prevent smaller conflicts from growing into larger more expensive ones. To devise this force the integrated study team had to take the broad idea of Phase Zero operations and determine which specific missions contribute to the completion of what they defined as the overall Phase Zero mission. Based on these missions, the integrated study team built scenarios that were representative of the entire Phase Zero mission area. These scenarios were used to establish what capabilities were important to a maritime Phase Zero Force. With these capabilities in mind, the team constructed maritime forces and then evaluated them against the same scenarios to determine which ones performed better. The recommended force can be fielded for an annual cost of $360 million and could accomplish all of the Phase Zero scenarios that the integrated study team built."

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Naval Postgraduate School: NPS-SE-09-006
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