Department of the Navy 1994 Posture Statement   [open pdf - 4MB]

"My first few months as Secretary of the Navy have confirmed and strengthened my conviction that we are in the midst of an era of revolutionary technological and geopolitical change. Arguably, there has not been a time since the end of World War II when so many changes have taken place so quickly. Recognizing this, I [John H. Dalton] feel it is most important that I write a personal preface to our detailed annual Posture Statement. I want to highlight how the Department has adapted to changes and to show our goals in light of them. It is apparent that the threat of global war has passed. Facing us now are dangers that were little understood even just a few years ago, but which have become increasingly clear as we look at the new world laid in front of us. President Clinton, Secretary Aspin, and now Secretary Perry have defined the current security environment as one that holds four principal dangers: (1) weapons of mass destruction, (2) threats to democracy in the former communist world, (3) regional conflict and (4) economic insecurity. What follows is the Department of the Navy's response to these dangers and to the dramatic changes in our world - a response which we have reflected in our budget."

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