Oil Pollution Research and Technology Plan [April 24, 1992]   [open pdf - 12MB]

"Section 1 provides basic background information on OPA [Oil Pollution Act] 90 and its R&D strategy. Case studies on the EXXON VALDEZ and subsequent serious spills are provided, since they were catalysts for the passage of OPA 90. OPA 90 is then presented briefly, and a special discussion is made of the Interagency Committee, indicating who the members are and what role each agency plays in environmental protection. Section 2 covers the development of the Plan itself, and Section 3 goes on to emphasize the priority areas identified by the Interagency Committee. These are: prevention, spill response planning and management, spill response, fate and effects and restoration. (Actual project descriptions, collated according to the above categories, are contained in an Annex to this document.) Section 4 deals with the administration of regional grants authorized under OPA 90. The Interagency Committee is currently developing grant criteria and establishing procedures for proposal evaluation and awards. Once these are completed, they will be published in the Federal Register. Section 5 presents X strategies for coordinating R&D with the private sector, and Section 6 details funding recommendations from the interagency Committee."

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