Combating Human Trafficking: Evolution of State Legislation and the Policies of the United Kingdom and France   [open pdf - 578KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Human trafficking is a transnational issue that violates human rights and is increasingly associated with organized crime. Since the turn of the century and the passing of the United Nations Palermo Convention Protocols, combating human trafficking has required a coordinated and cooperative effort between local, regional, state, and international institutions. By studying the evolution of legislation and polices of the United Kingdom and France, a more detailed look is presented on how their efforts have positively contributed to the combat of human trafficking. Ultimately, their efforts have combined two approaches: 1) Human rights based approach that reflects the protection of victims and the human rights issues involved with human trafficking. 2) An approach that reflects the criminal nature of human trafficking and its association with organized crime. The convergence of these two approaches to combat human trafficking is also represented in the multitude of European security institutions and the role that both the United Kingdom and France have played in those institutions."

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