Steering America's Warship Toward Moral Communication (and Real Success) in the 21st Century   [open pdf - 830KB]

"When they analyze the 'Arab Spring' or 'Arab Awakening,' future historians will probably stress the crucial role information technology played in fanning its flames. Thanks to news outlets like Al Jazeera and social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and SMS [Short Message Service] networks, the gap between the dictatorships' propaganda and reality has been relentlessly exposed. Although they tried, Arab autocrats have been unable to plausibly deny the scale of the demonstrations against them. Even more damaging to their regimes, they have been unable to suppress videos of the passionate protests. And when they ordered brutal security crackdowns, they have been unable to hide the graphic images and sounds of oppression, the crack of gunfire, the visible fear of civilians, the cries of the wounded, and the disturbing sight of bloody corpses. It may be counterintuitive, but more often than not, the databyte is proving mightier than the tank. How can this be? The answer is simple: armed conflict is more a matter of mind (perceptions and judgment) than weapons."

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United States Army Combined Arms Center: http://usacac.army.mil/CAC2/
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Military Review (January-February 2012), v.92 no.1, p.24-34
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