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"The lexicon is arranged in three parts. In the first, terms and their definitions are listed alphabetically, with one or more definitions, with each definition immediately followed by its source in italics (the full citation for which can be found at the end of the lexicon). Notably, many terms are followed by more than one definition, reflecting the various usages of a term by military and civilian, government and non-government organizations. This is the heart of the lexicon, and its purpose--to list, in the same place, the variations that surround complex operations vocabulary and offer a source of common understanding. […] The second part offers many of the commonly used complex operations acronyms and initials and their full translation. Acronyms have become language of their own, especially in military circles. The most commonly used are contained in this section, chosen using the same criteria as that for terms and definitions. The last section provides the principle sources used to compile the lexicon. The list includes those specifically cited in the lexicon as well as those used as references and guidance. Military sources proved both readily available and comprehensive."

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