Counter Insurgency Operations: A Handbook for the Suppression of Communist Guerrilla/Terrorist Operations   [open pdf - 3MB]

"In the decade and a half since World War II International Communism has won a succession of victories in its struggle for world revolution and domination unequaled in the preceding forty years of its existence. Since the termination of World War II, nearly 700 million people and 5 million square miles, about one-tenth of the total land area of the world and about one quarter of its population, have been brought under the control of communist regimes. While occupying the attention of the free world through pressure and the threat of overt military action along the periphery of the Iron and Bamboo curtains and the war in Korea, the communists have concentrated their efforts on the seizure of power in targeted nations through internal means. These target countries now constitute a major portion of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, vital to the defense of the Free World. [...] The following text outlines the problem, describes the enemy and his operations and indicates the framework of command organization, tactics and techniques employed in suppression operations."

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