Energy Dependence: The $1.4 Trillion Addiction Threatening National Security   [open pdf - 450KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Addiction to oil threatens America's national security. The lack of an alternative to oil created over $1.4 Trillion of drag on the U.S. economy over the last five years. Demand for oil as a fuel source for ground transportation will cause the nation's wealth to continue hemorrhaging for the foreseeable future, weakening America's domestic and international power. Identifying the problem oil addiction causes is simple. Comprehending the magnitude of oil use and the complexity of replacing it is not. Protecting Americans against the threat oil addiction poses requires bold policy and a comprehensive energy strategy. This must involve partnerships between the public and private sector to introduce technologies to the market that will decrease oil use and still meet consumers' transportation requirements. Disparate transportation requirements necessitate a portfolio of innovative vehicle and alternative fuel solutions. Flawed U.S. policy and strategy has created a gap in the energy portfolio and poses a threat to national security. That gap is the absence of comprehensive and aggressive U.S. government investment in the development and commercialization of hydrogen fuel programs."

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