Crafting the Department of Defense Energy Strategy   [open pdf - 342KB]

From the thesis abstract: "The enormous use of energy by the Department of Defense (DoD) has a tremendous impact on the current and future security of our nation. This paper first examines the extent of DoD energy use. It identifies the vulnerabilities to U.S. national security stemming from an overreliance on foreign oil and a fragile commercial power grid. It looks at the costs of inefficient, fuel-intensive systems and operations in terms of dollars, opportunity, and lives. It addresses the security threats from global climate change aggravated by burning fossil fuels. It describes a set of end states that a smart energy strategy should hope to achieve. It lists the key objectives of an energy strategy and explores the ways to achieve these objectives. It looks at the legislation, executive orders, plans and actions taken thus far by the government and within DoD to attack these challenges. Finally, as the effects and vulnerabilities of the DoD's energy policies interact and overlap, this paper concludes with recommendations for the way ahead toward a coordinated, holistic, consistent, and comprehensive energy strategy."

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