'And That Goes for Domestic Wars Too,' The Weinberger Doctrine and Domestic Use of the Military   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the thesis abstract: "As the traditional foreign threats to the security of the United States seem to ebb under the impact of glasnost and perestroika the nation turns its attention to the domestic threats to the national security and public health and welfare. The two greatest of these are the plague of illegal drugs and the virtually unrestricted flow of illegal immigrants. Although the United States has a strong history of restricting use of the national military in domestic roles, calls are heard now for use of that force to seal the border against these threats. This study looks at the nature of the domestic threats, the brief history of domestic use of the military, and the recommendations for use of the military protect the nation against these internal problems. The study looks at model for analyzing proposed commitment of U.S military forces overseas authored by then Secretary of Defense Weinberger and then applies it to the recommendations for domestic commitment to see if the model is a useful tool in that role. With a purpose of finding an analytical framework for response to recommendations for military use in domestic affairs that focuses on the best interests of national security and traditional American values rather than parochial military interests, the study finds the Weinberger Doctrine an excellent model for the purpose."

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