Descriptive Study of the Emergency Preparedness Knowledge of Students, Faculty, and Staff at Halifax Community College   [open pdf - 586KB]

"There are more than 3.5 million students attending more than 4,000 colleges and universities in America. These students, along with faculty and staff members could be at risk of injury of death from natural or manmade incidents and disasters on and off campus. It is known that how well prepared and the actions one takes during an emergency can have a significant impact on the events outcome. The problem is that the emergency preparedness knowledge of students, faculty, and staff of colleges, like Halifax Community College is unknown. it is critical for emergency preparedness planning to understand the core knowledge of the group that it intends to develop protection plans for. With this in mind the purpose of this descriptive study was to examine the current emergency preparedness knowledge of Halifax Community College students, faculty, and staff members. This study used a web based testing instrument to explore the following questions pertaining to campus students, faculty, and staff: (1) What is their current understanding of campus emergency procedures; (2) What is their current level of knowledge in regards to basic emergency preparedness; and (3) What is their current level of emergency preparedness based on the prevention actions they have taken?"

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United States. Federal Emergency Management Agency, Learning Resource Center: http://www.lrc.fema.gov/
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