Army 2020: Generating Health and Discipline in the Force: Ahead of the Strategic Reset, Report 201   [open pdf - 6MB]

"After more than a decade of conflict, hard fought in two separate theaters, the Army is preparing to transition from a wartime Army to one predominantly training and preparing for future contingencies. This transition represents an enormous undertaking with the operational Army preparing to integrate and readjust back into its institutional base to reconstitute, draw down and replenish its readiness levels as part of its strategic reset. This equates to the reintegration of over 1.1 million Soldiers back into military installations and local communities, back to conducting essential services, training or resuming their civilian occupations. The strategic reset will be a time of change and challenge. Leaders will plan and execute this reset in the wake of tectonic shifts associated with the Force reduction, severe budgetary constraints, the massive military‐civilian transition (of a magnitude not seen in more than two decades), the return to personnel and equipping readiness and the regeneration of the health and discipline of the Force. The latter, the health and discipline of the Force, is perhaps the most critical aspect of the strategic reset--and the principal topic of this report--because the Army, unlike the Navy and Air Force, which are platform‐centric, is a personnel‐centric force. And its readiness is a direct reflection of the health and discipline of the men and women serving in its ranks."

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